Sorry, its been a while since I’ve been on here! XD We’ll like last year I’ll be putting up the winners of the Kids Choice Awards. And here it is:

Favorite TV show-iCarly

Favorite reality show-American Idol

Favorite Cartoon-Spongebob Squarepants

Favorite TV Actor-Dylan Sprouse

Favorite TV Actress-Selena Golmez

Favorite TV Sidekick-Jennette McCurdy

Favorite Movie-Karate Kid

Favorite Movie Actor-Johnny Depp

Favorite Movie Actress-Miley Cyrus

Favorite Animated Movie-Dispicable Me

Favorite Voice From Animated Movie-Eddie Murphy

Favorite Buttkicker-Jackie Chan

Favorite Male Athlete-Shaqeil O’ Neil

Favorite Female Athlete-Linsay Vonn

Favorite Music Group-Black Eyed Peas

Favorite Female Singer-Katy Perry

Favorite Male Singer-Justin Bieber

Favorite Song-“Baby” Justin Bieber

Favorite Book-Diary of a Wimpy Kid Seires

Favorite Video Game-Just Dance 2

Greek God Parent

I took this quiz and I got Athena as my greek god parent!! This is the url->

Greek God Quiz

Yeah I’m this god, but I prefer Athena…

Ugh back to school!

I’m upset cuz mai school is kinda sucks, ok, maybe really sucks… Back to the drama, the jerks, ect. (The tests! I have to take it in advisory for 2 HOURS!!! but only for 3 days but the 8th graders have to take the whole week so mai advisory teacher has to entertain me for 4 whole  days in advisory which I’ll bet be a bore! All she does is make me read in homeroom! How’d she entertain us? |:( oh well…)But there are also some (or one) good things about it too. Fwends, :3 yeah that’s just about it… 🙂

Spring Break!

Boring! I’m be at home this whole week doing nothing! Except going to mai Tae Kwon Do… It’s still open for the whole week!! How r u gonna spend your spring break? Is Alice in Wonderland still in theaters?

Human Catapult

Did you see in the KCAs where the guy got catapulted into a pool of slime? Did you think it looked real or fake? I think it might have been fake, but that’s just my opinion… Later! 🙂

Kids Choice Awards :3

Did ya watch em? It was funny/awesome! If you watched it you should’ve seen Katy Perry get SLIMED! It was so funny! She opened a box to see that slime squirted right in front of her face! XD So these r the winners…



Cutest couple-Jacob & Bella from Twilight

TV Show-iCarly

TV Actor-Dylan Sprouse

TV Actress-Selena Golmez

Music Group-Black Eyed Peas

Female Singer-Taylor Swift

Male Singer-Jay-Z

Song-You Belong with Me

Movie-Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

Movie Actor-Taylor Lautner

Movie Actress-Miley Cyrus

Cartoon-Spongebob Squarepants

Reality Show-American Idol

Female Athlete-Misty-May Trenor

Male Athlete-Ryan Sheckler

Video Game-Mario Kart

Book-Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Animated Movie-Up

Voice from Animated Movie-Jim Carrey